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I don't know what it is about modern things but as with new guitars modern bikes just don't do it for me. My newest bike, in fact, was thirty in 2008!


1966 BSA A65 Thunderbolt 650

Talk about charisma, and a sound to match, but, as is the norm with old British bikes she does tend to just cut out for no apparent reason sometimes, or wont start at all. But what lines. Sundays only.


1976 Honda 400/4

I loved these bikes when I was a kid, just something about those exhausts. Spends most of her time at the back of my garage. But when I take her out every couple of months she usually starts with a kick without a hitch. Lots of torque for a 400 but you have to get her over 7000 revs to perform. Handles like a dream too.


1978 Kawasaki Z650

Nearly thirty and still going strong. I use her as an every day bike. Very rarely lets me down and can keep up with most modern ninja nutter bikes too!


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